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Interview to Yoni at exhibition on 2013.311-13

Yoni Scharf, an Israeli sales manager at OTL Water and Irrigation Technologies, says his company attended the exhibition in an attempt to be at the heart of the agricultural facility market here.

"We try to show our presence. We think we can contribute a lot to Chinese developments in agriculture. And so we always come to the exhibit to attract new customers and, of course, remain in contact with our old customers."

Comparing agricultural facilities in China and Israel, Scharf says China has achieved a lot.

"I think it's been developed in the last year a lot with the help of the government, which is really good. And the government understands it needs to finance a lot of agricultural projects in order to improve and make agriculture more efficient, and also to save water, which is one of the biggest issues right now in China."

Scharf says he would like to do more to share his company's knowledge in the water and agricultural fields with the Chinese.