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Change in Spin Klin 2-3 inch batteries - Jan 2014

From: Amiad Water Systems
Marketing & Engineering Depts.

Product Change Notification – Spin Klin 2"&3" Batteries
Re: Manifold change and modifications

Dear customers,
We would like to announce a change in the production of the basic manifolds which are used in
battery systems SK 2" & 3".

The manifold changes are:

1. On 3" Spin Klin system inlet and outlet 160 mm manifolds have been changed and
modified to a molded manifold that has multiple options for various connections and
outlets in a more efficient way (see illustration below).

2. All measurements (Inlet/Outlet length and height) have been kept!
The user may notice minor changes in the design:
o The change to the new design allows the easy replacement of manifolds in systems
which are already in service (i.e. fully exchangeable manifolds between the new
and previous version of the system).
o This change has taken place as part of the ongoing updating process of the design,
including 90mm, 110mm (2" Spin Klin systems), and now 160mm manifolds (3"
Spin Klin systems).
3. In addition to the before-mentioned modifications, the drain manifold for the Spin Klin 2"
and 3" systems has been modified:
o The drain manifold has been upgraded and replaced by a full in-house molded
manifold assembled as one unit according to the number of filters (see illustration
o The new drain manifold may be applied only to the new designed system; the
previous system manifold may be replaced only with the previous manifold version.
o If spare parts for the drain manifold are needed for a previous system, Amiad Water
Systems will supply them.
These modifications will neither affect the price list nor the discount levels to the customers.

The change will be valid immediately as of January 2014.

Please look at the illustrations of the previous system versus the new system.

4. The new design, as in the previous version, allows for bottom inlet and top outlet, or viceversa.
5. If you have any specific questions please refer to your contact within Amiad Water
Systems or your local representative.