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  • Automatic Control System
    Mottech, a Motorola master distributor and system integrator, provides advanced SCADA and water control solutions based on Motorola's IRRInet state-of-the-art control and communication technologies and product lines. Mottech distributes its solutions through a global network of local VARs and Dealers.

    Mottech control solutions are implemented in various markets such as rural water distribution systems, municipal sewage systems, and agricultural and turf irrigation. All Mottech systems ensure a constant, reliable, and accurate flow of water, while reducing costs and maintenance.

    All products and solutions are designed to conserve water, enable efficient and simple installation and use, and engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Mottech ensures years of dependable operation, meeting Motorola's exacting standards.

    In order to maintain global leadership in the control and communication markets, Mottech and Motorola constantly develop new products and integrated system solutions based on a forward-looking strategy coupled with total compatibility with all previous generations.

    Motorola Israel has an international reputation and more than 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and installing computerized water and irrigation control systems worldwide.
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