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    Founded in 1965, BERMAD knows the value of a single drop of water and how best to reap its full advantage. Today BERMAD serves global customers in a wide range of fields. Bringing together its expertise and know-how, leading-edge technology and precision engineering, BERMAD provides comprehensive customized solutions for the control and management of water supply anywhere in the world.

    BERMAD - Provider of Solutions
    Based on expertise that comes from years of hands-on experience, BERMAD has developed state-of-the-art control valves and related products, along with comprehensive system solutions for a range of water management needs. Its main areas of activity include:

    · Waterworks - BERMAD offers management systems for the supply and treatment of water and wastewater covering a range of applications from high-rise buildings, and whole municipalities, to comprehensive water systems for industrial facilities, hydroelectric power stations, and private sector projects.

    ·  Irrigation – A comprehensive line of water control products provides system solutions for the full range of agricultural irrigation applications including drip irrigation, pivot systems, sprinklers, micro-jets and greenhouse irrigation, as well as covering commercial and residential gardening irrigation needs.

    ·  Fire Protection - Automatic control valves with a range of operation modes are the vital components in fire protection systems for oil refineries, petro-chemical plants and public buildings.

    ·  Petroleum – BERMAD is a major supplier of automatic, self-actuated control valves for the petroleum industry. These components are used in distribution terminals, cross-country pipelines and petroleum tank farms.

    ·  Water metering - BERMAD solutions are adapted to the needs of bulk and domestic water metering in supply systems, and include both remote water metering read-out, and pre-payment systems.



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