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100 Series Plastic Valves

100 Series hYflow Automatic Plastic Valve
High-Performance Plastic Valves
For agricultural, turf, and golf course flow control


The ultra-high flow and energy efficiency of the Glass-filled (GF) Nylon body material of the 100 Series High-Performance Plastic Valves make this type one of the most advanced products for demanding flow control applications for today and for tomorrow.
These diaphragm-actuated valves perform with accuracy, and smooth motion and regulation due to their 'smart plug' assembly.
Their design enables easy in-line servicing, and their durable, industrial-grade material composition
satisfies the harshest conditions.
The valves are also available with easy-to-use electrical controls and controller array systems, as well as all manually preset water systems.

• Sizes: 3" & 4"
• Pressure range: 0.7–10 bar - ISO: PN 10 (10-150 psi - ANSI: Class 125)
• Working temperature : up to 80°C (176°F) - water
• End connections:
3": Female-threaded - NPT or BSPT
3" & 4": Flanged - in all known standards or PVC pipe Adapters (90 mm or 110 mm)