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900 Series Metering Valves

900 Series
For agricultural, garden, golf course, and municipal irrigation


The 900 Series Hydrometer is based on a patented innovation that combines a water meter control-head and a hydraulic control valve into a single unit. This innovative solution has proven that it enhances labor and installation cost reductions and efficiency in a variety of irrigation applications.

Each hydrometer comprises a Woltman-type volumetric watermeter, a wet or dry primary gear compartment, a control-head driven by a built-in vertical turbine, and a diaphragm-actuated hydraulic control valve.

The 900 Series hydrometers comply with ISO 4064 Class A standards and feature a variety of options.
Control-head mechanical or magnetic drives are available depending on the flow velocities. Dosing and pulse generation are two of the available features along with all the standard control valve functions (e.g. remote opening/closing, pressure, flow, level regulation) that are provided.Displays can be in US or in metric system units.
Options for electric or optical pulse generation, and automatic single or sequential dosing (AMV) are available.

• Sizes:1-1/2" - 8" (40mm - 200mm) in globe, angle, or hydrant bodies
• Pressure range: 0.7-16 bar - ISO: PN 10/16 (10 - 225 psi ANSI: Class 125/225)
• Working temperature: up to 50°C (122°F) - water
• Connections:
- 1-1/2" & 2" (BSPT or NPT)
- Flanged - for all sizes in all known standards